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Why does my Hyundai beep at 39°F?

Here’s Why Your Hyundai Beeps at You When It’s Cold

You’re driving down the road on a rather chilly fall or winter day, maybe jamming to some Top 40 or sipping some coffee when all of a sudden, your Hyundai beeps at you. Loudly. Multiple times. After almost spilling your coffee, you frantically look at your gauges, thinking something terrible may have just happened. All you see is the same old stuff, except there a snowflake symbol that is now lit. What does it mean?

Why is my Hyundai beeping at me when it’s cold?

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Icy Road Warning

When it gets below 40°F (or around 4°C), your Hyundai vehicle’s Icy Road warning kicks on. It is meant to warn you that road conditions may start to become slippery as frost and ice begin to form below 40°F. A snowflake symbol will appear in your gauge cluster and your vehicle will chime a few times. The number of times it chimes is usually between three to five, depending on the model year. This is only a warning, like the Low Fuel light. It doesn’t indicate system malfunction or failure. It is only to alert the driver that road conditions may be hazardous. This feature can only be disabled by a mechanic.

How to Set Automatic Climate Control

All you have to do is press the AUTO button, located on or below the left-most temperature knob. Every Hyundai vehicle is factory set to 73°F to optimize efficiency and comfort. To set it, simply select the temperature you want and press the AUTO button. Also, don’t worry if the A/C light turns on when heating. A/C helps keep temperature and humidity at optimal levels. It’s not just for cooling.

Is Your Icy Road Warning Going Off Too Much?

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