Benefits of Buying a Hyundai EV

Benefits of Buying a Hyundai EV

Benefits of Buying a Hyundai EV

Find New EV Inventory at CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester!

As more and more EVs begin to enter the automotive market, you may be curious about whether or not an EV might be right for you. Hyundai has been one of the leaders in this area, with several options already on the market, and more expected to come in the years to follow. When you choose a Hyundai EV or PHEV, you can enjoy all the same great designs, features, and functions of your favorite models, while also benefitting from the fuel efficiency of the electric powertrain! Aside from the obvious benefits, such as conserving energy and saving money by not paying for gas, EVs have lots of other “hidden” benefits that you might not have ever realized before! Continued down below, we’re going to shed some light on those various benefits to help you understand why a Hyundai EV might just be the perfect vehicle for you!

Save Money on Maintenance Costs

While many drivers might be aware of the savings they can have by choosing an EV, we’re here to go into more detail about just how much you could save. While it’s true that with an EV, you no longer have to pay for gas, there are other things you’ll no longer have to pay for. Namely, vehicles with a hybrid powertrain don’t require many of the same routine maintenance that traditional gas-powered vehicles require. For example, an EV has no need for an oil change, or oil filter replacement. Also, since there are zero emissions, an EV is not at risk of having a damaged catalytic converter, which can be a very costly repair for many gas-powered vehicles. Not only that, but catalytic converters are notorious for being stolen due to their value, and can emit a foul smell when they fall into disrepair. Skip the hassle, and choose a low-maintenance EV from Hyundai!

Choose from A Huge Variety

If you’ve never purchased a PHEV or EV before, shopping with us at CMA’s Hyundai is a great place to start! In total, Hyundai offers 7 different electrified vehicles, with a selection of classic hybrids, PHEVs and EVs to choose from. These options make it easy for drivers to find a Hyundai that suits their needs! You can find plug-in hybrids like the Tucson and Santa Fe, or fully-electric vehicles like the Kona and Ioniq 5! Not only do you have a great selection of vehicles to choose from, but you can also choose the powertrain option that works best for you! Whether you’re looking for a fully-electric vehicle, or a plug-in hybrid, Hyundai is sure to offer a vehicle that suits the demands of your busy schedule. Not only that, but Hyundai even offers a unique hydrogen-powered vehicle available at select California dealerships! This model, known as the NEXO Fuel Cell, is just another example of Hyundai’s dedication to sustainability, and its capacity for innovation.

Find Lots of Charging Options in Virginia

If you’ve been nervous about keeping a full charge while you’re out and about, we’re happy to report that you can put those fears to rest! Here in Winchester, we’re lucky enough to have a great infrastructure for EV drivers. That is to say, EV charging stations are relatively abundant in this area of Virginia, making it more accessible for drivers to easily charge up their vehicles on the go. Just within Winchester alone, there are 9 different EV stations scattered throughout the city. As you move further east towards Washington, DC, the chargers greatly increase. Of course, you can also find at-home charging stations to install in your very own driveway or garage, giving you full freedom to charge your EV overnight, achieving a full charge while you sleep, so that you’re ready to go the next day. Take advantage of the many charging stations at your disposal when you purchase a Hyundai EV or PHEV!

Good for the Environment, Good for Your Wallet!

One of the most well-known benefits of choosing an EV is the fact that it’s more environmentally friendly. Electric vehicles are totally emissions-free, making it possible to drive without the use of fossil fuels. Even plug-in hybrids that do utilize a gas engine in tandem with battery power greatly reduce the amount of gas you need to consume. However, these environmental benefits go hand-in-hand with tangible savings for you as the driver! First off, the electricity required to charge your EV is measured in kilowatt-hours, which are cheaper per unit than a gallon of gas. Plus, the rates for electricity are much more consistent than gas prices, which are known to fluctuate, sometimes by multiple dollars per gallon, overnight. Plus, the state of Virginia offers multiple tax incentives for EVs, such as the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Residential Rebate, in partnership with Dominion Energy. This is just one example of several incentives, and this particular rebate will benefit those who install personal charging stations in their homes!

Visit CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester to Find EV Inventory!

If you’re considering purchasing a new EV or PHEV, CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester is eager to help! We’re committed to providing the residents of Winchester, Virginia with a wide selection of all the latest vehicles to choose from, and that includes our numerous EV and PHEV options. You can visit us at our showroom here in Winchester, Virginia to check out our new inventory for yourself, and request a test drive of all your favorite Hyundai vehicles with a member of our sales team. We’ll also be able to answer any questions you might have about Hyundai EVs, or any of the other vehicles on our lot. You can also view our new inventory right here on our website, or head to our Research Center page for even more information. We look forward to working with you soon at CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester!

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