2025 Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Revealed

2025 Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Revealed

2025 Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Revealed

The Future of Driving at CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester

Discover the future of driving at CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester as we proudly unveil the 2025 Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, our family-owned dealership has been committed to providing exceptional cars and unparalleled customer service. At CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester, your satisfaction is our priority—we go the extra mile to make your car-buying experience hassle-free with transparent pricing and a dedicated team. Serving Virginia and beyond, we are your trusted automotive partner. The IONIQ 5 N, a fusion of Hyundai’s Electrified-Global Modular Platform and N motorsport technologies, guarantees unmatched performance, embodying the N performance pillars of ‘Corner Rascal,’ ‘Racetrack Capability,’ and ‘Everyday Sportscar.’ Get ready for an electrifying journey with us!

Next-Level Driving Dynamics on the IONIQ 5 N

The IONIQ 5 N takes driving dynamics to the next level with its capabilities, featuring a reinforced body-in-white structure, enhanced motor and battery mounting, and strengthened subframes for superior lateral rigidity. Inspired by World Rally Championship, integrated drive axles and 21-inch forged aluminum wheels reduce unsprung mass, ensuring durability against electric motor torque. The steering system undergoes a significant upgrade, boasting a specially-tuned N R-MDPS for improved rigidity, quicker steering ratio, and enhanced torque feedback logic. The innovative N Pedal addresses electric powertrain challenges, offering instant turn-in behavior and heightened throttle sensitivity. N Drift Optimizer, with Torque Kick Drift, enables precise drift control through advanced electronic technology. Meanwhile, N Torque Distribution allows fully variable front and rear torque adjustment, complemented by an electronic limited-slip differential for optimal cornering. With broader damping ranges and increased damper size, the electronically-controlled suspension ensures a versatile tuning envelope, delivering an exhilarating driving experience from Everyday Sportscar to full Racetrack Capability—truly exemplifying the essence of N performance.

Track-Ready Performance with Cutting-Edge Technical Advancements

Boasting an impressive 641 horsepower and a two-stage inverter, this electric vehicle (EV) redefines speed and efficiency. The N Grin Boost3 provides an exhilarating burst of power for a 10-second interval, while the N Launch Control4 ensures the fastest launches with three traction levels. Track SOC calculates battery consumption per lap, emphasizing precision in performance. IONIQ 5 N sets new standards in thermal management, resisting power degradation with an advanced cooling system. The N Race feature puts control in the hands of the driver, optimizing energy consumption for endurance or sprint scenarios. With N-tuned brakes, regenerative braking, and N Brake Regen, Hyundai delivers unmatched braking performance, ensuring endurance on the track and seamless transitions.

Redefining EV Driving with N e-Shift and N Active Sound+

Experience the thrill of engaged driving with the IONIQ 5 N, fulfilling the N brand’s Everyday Sportscar promise. The integration of N e-shift and N Active Sound+ transforms your electric driving experience. N e-shift simulates the gearshifts of internal combustion engine N cars, offering precise control over power delivery and a power-shift feel between shifts. This unique function provides a more interactive driving experience, bridging the gap between EVs and traditional vehicles. Paired with N e-shift, N Active Sound+ creates an immersive sensory journey with three distinct sound themes, including ICE-like engine and exhaust sounds. The innovative approach by Hyundai N engineers aims to address the feedback challenge in EVs, ensuring drivers have a more connected and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the IONIQ 5 N features Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) capability, allowing drivers to use stored energy for various devices, showcasing Hyundai’s commitment to versatility and innovation.

Design and Detail of the IONIQ 5 N

Elevate your driving experience with the IONIQ 5 N, where performance seamlessly blends with precision in design. The exterior boasts contrasting black trim, a wing-type rear spoiler, and a more prominent diffuser, maximizing aerodynamics for circuit driving potential. The N-exclusive ‘Luminous Orange’ accents, forged 21-inch aluminum wheels, and summer high-performance tires contribute to the race-ready look. The interior reflects the N family identity, featuring N-branded elements, a newly designed steering wheel with N buttons for customizable drive modes, and the instant-access N Grin Boost button. With optimized seating, knee pads, and sliding armrest for track driving, the IONIQ 5 N offers both comfort and performance. The sustainable approach continues with recyclable materials, reinforcing Hyundai’s commitment to eco-friendly innovation. IONIQ 5 N stands as a testament to precision, detailing, and sustainability, creating a harmonious blend of performance and conscious design.

Order Your IONIQ 5 N at CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester

Get ready to revolutionize your driving experience with the IONIQ 5 N, a pinnacle of performance and design. CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester is thrilled to announce that you can now order this exceptional vehicle at our dealership. Whether you’re seeking financing options or exploring the array of Hyundai models, our dedicated team in Virginia is here to assist you. Visit us in Virginia to explore the IONIQ 5 N and discover the full range of Hyundai models, each embodying innovation, style, and performance. At CMA’s Hyundai of Winchester, we are committed to ensuring your journey into the future of driving is as exciting as the IONIQ 5 N itself. Drive home the next generation of performance with us!

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