Top SUVs for Dog Owners

Top SUVs for Dog Owners

Top SUVs for Dog Owners

Buy a Honda SUV in Virginia

We know that many different factors help you decide the next vehicle that you need in your life. For many people, it’s things like power, off-roading capabilities, and comfort. But for others, they want to consider who exactly will be inside of the vehicle, and what kind of space is necessary. This is especially true when you start to consider your dog, and how often you will want to bring them around on road trips, or just to your favorite outdoor dining restaurant. Today, right here at CMA’s Honda of Winchester, we want to spend some time looking at the ways in which you can figure out if your next car is right for your dog. We’ll go over the features you should be looking for, and which Honda models we think you should be considering!

What should I look for in a vehicle for my dog?

There are a few key things you should be on the lookout for when you are trying to find something that is perfect for your four-legged best friend. Perhaps the most important aspect of a vehicle to consider is the size of what you are getting. Obviously, an SUV is going to have all of the space that you need, but you need to also think about the size of your dog. If you own a large breed, then you may want to consider models like the Passport or the Pilot. These are SUVs that can provide more space, especially in the rear, for your pet. However, if you have a smaller pet, then a CR-V or HR-V might have exactly what you need. Other factors include the kind of upholstery you might want, as we would recommend that you avoid darker fabrics because they absorb more heat. You might also want something that is easy to clean and won’t get scratched up by their claws. We highly recommend things like child safety locks, too, as sometimes your dog can accidentally press a button and open a window.

Why should I take my dog with me?

Now that you know what you should be considering in terms of features in your next ride, you may be wondering if it’s a good idea at all to bring your dog with you. Our opinion is that you deserve to have your entire family with you on your adventures, including your dog whom we know you love more than anything else. When you have the right SUV from Honda, it will make everything that much simpler. You can get a power liftgate that allows for easy access, and there are even additional accessories made just with pets in mind that you can add on. There is even space in these vehicles for a crate, or even a dog harness, so you can make sure that safety is still paramount, no matter where you are headed. The most important thing is that your family is together, and your dog is happy.

Which Honda SUVs should I consider?

Honda understands that when it comes to your dog, you want something that can do a little of everything, while still looking stylish, and keeping everyone safe. Some of our great options include the CR-V and HR-V models, which are on the smaller size of things, so they could be great for smaller dogs that you have. They’ll provide you with excellent upholstery options, and safety tech that will keep you alert to what is happening at all times. We also highly recommend the Pilot and Passport SUVs, as they’re a little larger, and could give the extra space you need if you have a bigger dog and also a larger family in general. No matter which one stands out to you, we’ll be here to help.

Buy a Honda SUV at CMA’s Honda of Winchester

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of your next ride? We highly recommend bringing things like your dog’s crate, in order to find out if the vehicle you get next can fit your favorite pup. At CMA’s Honda of Winchester, we will do everything in our power to assist you in your journey and make sure you get something that is right for every single member of your family. Stop by today and get your next SUV from us!

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