picture of an engine with the text "Hyundai Smart Stream Powertrains"

Hyundai Shows off new Powertrain Options for the Future

What are the new Smart Stream Hyundai Powertrains? 

A great powertrain is what can make or break a vehicle. With innovations like hybrid cars to fully electric vehicles, the automotive industry is constantly evolving. Recently, Hyundai shined a spotlight on their new powertrain options coming out soon. So what are the new Smart Stream Hyundai powertrains? 

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silver 2017 Hyundai Azera making a left turn around a corner

Luxurious Hyundai Azera Discontinued for 2018 Model Year

Is Hyundai Making a 2018 Azera? 

As one of the world’s most popular automobile manufacturers, Hyundai makes a wide variety of different vehicles for all kinds of drivers. However, with things such as sales numbers, new models or even a switch in direction for the company, some vehicles can be redesigned into something new, or even scrapped entirely. With many of Hyundai’s 2018 model year vehicles out now, is Hyundai making a 2018 Azera? 

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Two engineers inspecting an engine

Receive Complimentary Maintenance on Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport Models

Affordable Maintenance on Hyundai Vehicles Winchester VA 

While we wish our vehicles could last forever, it is inevitable that our vehicles will need maintenance done to them at one point or another. Of course, many times our vehicle’s issues will come at inconvenient times. When you need to have your car worked on quickly and efficiently, where can you find affordable maintenance on Hyundai vehicles in Winchester, VA? 

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Hyundai Vaccar Tucson Sport concept vehicle

Hyundai Collaboration Introduces Spin on Popular SUV

What did Hyundai Bring to the 2017 SEMA Show? 

Drawing in more than 60,000 various domestic and international buyers each year, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is a major event for automobile manufacturers and car consumers alike. With many of the top automakers showcasing new vehicles and technologies, each brand tries their best to impress each year. For this year, what did Hyundai bring to the 2017 SEMA show? 

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Mother and daughter using tablet in the back seat of a car

Play These Games to Pass the Time While Traveling

What are some fun Games Kids can Play in the car?  

With the holidays coming up, whether you’re going to visit family far away or going on a fun vacation, there is often always large amounts of traveling involved. However, since children can be impatient when it comes to car rides, as parents often need to find ways to help them pass the time while you get to your destination. So what are some fun games kids can play in the car? 

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